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There is plenty of books out there which tell you more about Germany. Given the internet's reach, most people will never need any books. Until they travel there or want to really have something for their home. When travelling to Germany you need to be prepared and not only is it good to prepare yourself with books but you can always prepare those books to take with you. Using highlighters and markers  you can spot important points which will help you to make you travel easier and more enjoyable. We could have easily just put a link to a website up, but we though it would be better for you to get some direct suggestions. Which does not mean you will not find a link at the end. This is probably the best place to find literature you want and need. Enjoy and remember to contact us with any questions and suggestions. Make sure you follow our blog to find more recipes and other helpful things all related to Germany.

The following are some of our favorite books:


Rick Steve is probably one of the most popular people who do travel reports about Europe. His show is a long time top show on TV and he certainly is one of my favorites. Not only because I used to live in Mill Creek, WA, which is close to his home base and shop, but because he gives great tips and writes as it is. I have been to hotels and places he suggested in his shows and books and he really picks good spots to experience the country you are in from a different point of view. If going to Germany or planning to visit Germany the following book is a must to have and you can find it for a great deal right here.

Wine and beer:

No doubt that Germany is a great wine country. With it's many regions and different climates and landscapes, it offers many different grapes to be grown and so many different wines to be made. My favorite wine region would be Franken ( North Bavaria) and there the City of Wuerzburg. However, there is many great regions with all kinds of great wines. One of the books I think might give you a good start to learn about those regions and the wine is the following. Maybe not the easiest to take with you when travelling, but a nice present for every wine fan.


Munich and what lays around it, is the area where grew up the better part of my life. One of the most beautiful areas in Germany it offers fantastic nature sights, great food, wonderful beer and plenty of history. I think the following book gives you a nice inside and it includes a couple more cities which you should go see when you are in the area.

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