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How to cook original German Sauerbraten - A great recipe for Sauerbraten ( Sour Roas Beef or Sour Pot Roast)

I am truly excited to share my first recipe. A recipe which not only was one of the favorites in my family, but a recipe which I cooked many times over decades and even sold it online and in print around the World. Try it, enjoy it, ask us questions and let us know how it was. 

Achim's Original Sour Roast Beef Recipe(westfalien style)
There is many different sour roast beef recipes in Germany. They differ from region to region often being very different and sometimes only one ingredient is changed. Also there is all kinds of theories of how long it needs to soak or cocked.
The recipe I successfully cooked many times is a classic and to my knowledge was based in the mid area of Germany, where I was born and where family cooked it for decades.

Here is what you need:
The meat:
2  to 3 lbs of beef (chuck roast or flat shoulder, with some fat)
3 tbs margarine
some sugar
For the marinade:
2 cups water
2 cups wine vinegar
2 cups apple vinegar
½ cup or less balsamic vinegar (this is my kick to the sauce, you can add more later also)
3 to 8 bay leaves ( depending on size)
20 juniper berries
15 cloves
1 large onion
garlic (if desired, but make sure not to add to much, you do not want the garlic dominating the taste)
The cabbage:
1 head of red cabbage
some bay leaves
juniper berries
2 glasses of red cabbage if made in Germany!
juniper berries
maybe sugar
For dumplings:
I always use German dumpling mix. You can make it yourself, but the mix is great and tastes authentic.
You can buy it in different ethnic shops or some well stocked super markets. Try to find Pfanny if you can.

For Sauce optional:
Original German Sauce mix. This is just a way to make it easier for you. My grandma for example used those little helpers already some 40 years ago! If you use a sauce mix or two sauce mix. You will need to take out the meat once it is done, bring the sauce to a cook and then add the mix while stirring heavily. This will also thicken the sauce and make it creamier, which some people prefer. 
Preparing the marinade:
To get the best taste a good marinade needs to be brought to boiling.
Pour water and vinegar into sauce pan, add thin sliced onion and all other ingredients for the marinade. Bring to a boil for app. 2 minutes.
Put meat in a pot or porcelain bowl and pour warm marinate over beef. It needs to be ¾ covered. ( if needed add some water and/or vinegar to liking). Put lit on pot or cover with aluminum foil. Keep this prepared meat in a cool place for 72 hours!!! turning it every 24 hours if possible.
It is important to not leave it longer or shorter in the marinate in order to get the best soaking for the meat of this size.
On the day of the dinner start about 5 hours before eating to cook.
First using the margarine brown the meat from all sides. This is important to keep the juice within and it also makes it look better.
Now add the marinade as it is and bring to cook. Let cook for 45 minutes on medium heat. Continue after that for about 3 hours or to liking ( softness), turning the meat every 20 to 30 minutes while basting all the time! Make sure to have the lit on as much as possible in order to not loose to much of the marinate. You might have to add water in between, but caution, you do not want to put to much in and loose the taste.
While the meat is cooking you prepare the red cabbage.
If you make it from scratch:
Cut whole cabbage in small stripes. Put in water and start boiling about 3 hours before dinner. While cooking at spices and some sugar. As for spices you use 3 or 4 bay leaves, about 10 juniper berries ( all spice works, but is not original!), salt and pepper as well as about 5 cloves. Cut an apple in half, clean out and cut one half into slices, add to cabbage about half way of cooking.  See how it turns red. By the time the meat is ready, the cabbage will be  as well. If you really want to make it perfect, prepare the cabbage 1 day ahead and let it sit. Warm up before dinner. 
I prefer the glass option:
The red cabbage in the glass is well prepared and often does not even need spices. However, I like to add bay leaves, juniper berries, half sliced apple,  and some sugar. You can heat it up about 30 minutes before dinner. There is no harm in cutting and preparing the cabbage yourself. But in all honesty, it is difficult to get it right. The quality of the red cabbage in glasses produced by German companies is very good. It will save you time, work and money! My grandmother and great grandmother used the glassed cabbage and it was always perfect. 
Just follow the instructions. They are easy to make or make them from scratch if you have a recipe for it.
Once tenderness has been accomplished, remove meat and cut into medium thin (½ to ¾ inch) slices. Place meat back in sauce and let simmer for 20 minutes. At this point you should add a little sugar and if you like some brown sauce mix to thicken the sauce. Flower is possible, but dangerous since you might loose the good taste as well.
Now all three items are done and ready to serve. Make sure you serve it hot.
You can just serve all items as you like. I suggest to serve the sauce as is, but it is your option. Put some on the dumplings and garnish with some parsley.
In some instances people prefer mashed potatoes and fresh beans with it. However, in order to get the best compilation of tastes, I suggest to stay with my recipe.
What to drink:
Opinions are very different about what to have with this recipe.
I think a dark, cold beer would be best to compliment the taste of the sour roast beef. The dark beer will add some sweetness to the meal. There is also some amber non alcoholic beers which should work. 
I would not suggest wine, but if you prefer, please pick a more sweater red wine. Dry wine will bite with the sauce.
If you can not drink alcohol, just have some water with it.
I know it is a long process, but if you follow the steps, you will have a nice, special and authentic dinner as we had it at home back in the old land. 
Enjoy your meal.
Guten Appetit
Important Note:
I cooked this recipe many times and wrote this many years ago. It is possible that there is similarities with other recipes. There is not intention of using other peoples copyright. However, we protect our specific print with copyright. Please do not resell it or use it for commercial use without written notice of us.

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