Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Welcome to " How to cook authentic German food - a resource blog for all who would like to learn about German recipes, German culture and Germany in general

Welcome to our blog about German cooking.

We are both born and raised in Germany. We both love to cook and have extensive experience in home cooking.

For 20 years I am here in the USA and tried many different foods at German restaurants or in private homes. What I found is, that many so called German restaurants tried, but did not accomplish the task of cooking authentic food and that some of the private chefs who gave it a shot, tried to supplement and failed to create an authentic tasting meal.

It is not necessary to cook everything from scratch. Also there is nothing wrong with using helpers like sauce mix and so on. But, it is a matter of putting it together the right way and using helpers which are authentic as well. Also a matter of not supplementing essential ingredients.

We will do the best to convert all measurements and soon put a little chart out here. Just to make it as easy as possible.

The goal is to offer recipes and techniques which are not common as well as common and simple dishes. So you can create meals for formal dining evenings at home as well as dishes for day to day enjoyment.  

We encourage engagement. Like comments. Let us know if it worked out. Write suggestions or other experiences.

There will be posts about recipes, historical connections, wine and drink selection and whatever we can do, to help you learn more about German cooking, dining and more.

If you have a special request or have a question, do not be afraid to ask. Sign up for the blog and find links to offers, shopping resources and tips about Germany. Who knows where we can go with that.

Thank you for stopping by and we are looking forward to have you join and participate in our blog. 

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