Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to convert from Metric to US for cooking

In order to get the best result cooking any recipe published in our blog or any other blog, you need to have some basic idea about fluid and other measurements. The following is a list of the most important conversions you need to know. Certainly you can find converters on the internet. But it is much easier to print out this one and put it on your fridge.
In some of our recipes you will find things like : … to your liking, by feel or the taste you like.
There is no measure for that. It is more about feeling and taste and you will need to work with our suggestions and your feel and taste.


        5 ml     1 teaspoon
      15 ml     1 tablespoon
      30 ml     1 fluid oz. ( actually a little more)
    100 ml     3.4 fluid oz
    240 ml     1 cup (close to 250 ml)
    1 liter        34 fluid oz
    1 liter        4.2 cups ( 4 cups)
    1 liter        2.1 pints
    1 liter        1.06 quarts
    1 liter        .26 gallon

100 gram    3.5 ounces          100 ml
            500 gram    1.10 lbs               500 ml
            1 kilo           2.205 pounds      1 liter
            1 kilo           35 ounces           1 liter

Now remember, those are close and maybe not 100 %, but certainly accurate enough to follow all the recipes and get the job done.
Following you get the temperature conversations you need for your oven and stove. If you have a gas oven you need to refer to your owners manual. We would love to write about gas marks, but different manufacturers have different settings.


140 Celsius        280 F
150 Celsius        302 F
165 Celsius        325 F
180 Celsius        350 F
190 Celsius        375 F
200 Celsius        400 F
220 Celsius        425 F
230 Celsius        450 F
240 Celsius        475 F
250 Celsius        485 F

The formula is : 1 F = Celsius x 1.8 plus 32

This should give you a good foundation to work all the recipes we publish or you find online.

Here is what we did. We printed out all of it, put it on a sheet, laminated it and put it on the fridge. So you can use it while cooking and it does not get dirty. Soon we will offer some online. So keep in touch with our blog.


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