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How to cook ( little) Schnitzel Vienna Style with Eggs and Capers - Small Schnitzel Wiener Art

It is crucial to understand, that there is a distinct difference between Wiener Schnitzel and Schnitzel Wiener Art ( Schnitzel Vienna Style).
You will enjoy this recipe.

Little Schnitzel Vienna Style with eggs and capers

This is a fast to prepare dish which is very popular. My Mom used to make them warm the exact same way we show here. We had them for a quick lunch, easy dinner and sometimes even took them on the road. Even cold they taste great and make a tasty snack while travelling.

Ingredients for 2 people (adjust accordingly when serving more people)


1 pound boneless pork loin thin cut,  1 large egg,  1 cup plain bread crumbs,  vegetable oil  for the frying pan,

Schnitzel topping:

4 eggs and capers, little salt and pepper,


As a lunch snack we did not serve anything with it. For dinner we alternated between roasted potatoes, salad, rice or mashed potatoes - all of those sides are listed separate -.


Put one large egg in a soup plate and stir it with a fork or with a whisk until egg white and yolk are completely mixed.

In another soup plate put the plain bread crumbs.
We use plain bread crumbs to keep the taste of the meat more dominant. Some bread crumb mixes contain so much salt and other spices that you lose the natural taste of the meat in combination with the egg ( but you can if you want use spiced crumbs or add some salt and pepper to your liking).

Dab the pork loins with a paper towel and then roll them one after another in the stirred egg.


Before you roll it in the bread crumbs, let the egg drip off well over the soup plate. You want it covered so the bread crumbs will stick,  but want it lightly covered.

Next cover both side of the Schnitzel  nicely but not too thick with bread crumbs, laying it in the crumbs and padding it down a little with the back of your hand.

Put all breaded pieces on a plate. That will make sure the breading will bond a little bit.

Add vegetable oil to two frying pans and heat them both on highest temperature until very hot. Put the Schnitzel in one of them and turn the heat down to 4 ( or to a medium heat that oil stays hot and meat can cook ) and fry them until golden brown from each site.The thin Schnitzel do not take long to be cooked. So make sure you only do about 1 to 2 minutes each side to avoid that they dry out.

While the Schnitzels are cooking crack all four eggs and put in a second pan. Cook to your liking (we like it over easy). Add some salt and pepper as you desire.

Take pan fried Schnitzel and put 2 on each plate. With some garnish that already makes a nice appetizer or snack. You can also let them cool off and take them to work, on the golf course, to school or to work. They taste warm and cold.
Tip: Eat them with German Mustard! Tastes great. I prefer hot mustard but medium is just as good.

If you are working on the complete deal with eggs follow the next few simple steps.

Cover each Schnitzel with 1 egg and garnish with capers. You can also garnish the plate with some parsley and tomato.

There we go. A fast, easy and great tasting lunch snack: Little Schnitzel Vienna Style.
- There is a big difference between Wienerschnitzel and Schnitzel Vienna Style! I will elaborate on that in a different article  -.

As I wrote above you can add sides to this simple meal to make it a full dinner or full lunch..

On this specific occasion we simply had a Rucola Tomato Salad with Onions. Dressing was vinegar, oil and salt and pepper. We use white Balsamic vinegar often -  it is smooth and great tasting. Only the best olive oil is good for salad.

What do you drink with it?
Well, if you are having a dinner, a cold German beer always goes with it. Red wine is certainly an option. It should not be to try, as the capers already give you some bite and saltiness.

Naturally you can have any non- alcoholic beverage with it. Water or sparkling water being the best option. It will keep your taste buds focused on the food.

Guten Appetit!

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